Monday, June 29, 2009

Birds of a Feather...

Y'all can decide what's going on here...Alexis looks like a lost child captured by a pack of hyenas. Good luck boy!

Post Polo Shennanigans at the BFF closing party

R-L: Alexis, Doug, Zak, Chombo
Robbie and Chombo, scheming I'm sure...
Aw Cecileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! My partner in polo!
Chombo(again!), Katie, Adrienne, Cecily...

Robbie you're an animal!

It's true that Robbie plays hard but I have no idea how he ate this whole heifer. From now on he's Robbie Boar!

Not just a Bird's Eye!

Chris and Birdseye celebrate after the tournament. I think what's going on in the background of this picture is much more interesting that these two hooligans! We love you guys!

More fifo hats!

Alexis is a champ!

Alexis shows off his winnings after the final showdown on Sunday. He won a fifo hat and a shirt among other things. Alexis also made prizes for us - a set of 3 sweet top-tube pads with Maple leaves all over them. He's a true patriot!

Noah! You're my top model!

Richard Kim was the coordinator for the BFF street party and his sister Leslie and her son Noah very kindly helped me out at my table. The least I could do was give little Noah a fifo hat for all their hard work standing in the rain. If this little face doesn't sell hats I give up!

"Where the F is the other F?"

As I turned onto 2nd St at 2nd ave on Saturday I noticed some Bicycle Film Buddies were missing their third. Eventually we found the other F and I headed on the the street party where Fifocycle had a table and some hats to sell...

Barbeque at 2nd Chance!

We had a little registration gathering at Second Chance on Grand St on Friday evening. Cecily scored some great organic burgers from her work and we went and put some cheese on them...they were pretty yummy!

You can take a Canadian out of Canada...

...and you can give him a polo bike and mallet, but you can't guarantee that he'll play polo. Both Robbie and Alexis made use of some hockey sticks on Saturday while we waited for the rain to stop. It didn't. But they look funny when they run!

I POLO NY: Yes we did!

Thanks to all who turned up for the first I Polo NY jam!! I'm a little late in posting the incriminating photos but please pass them on to everyone and their mother. We had a lot of fun and got the whole tournament done on Sunday with time left over for the final Bicycle Film Festival Screening. I hope we can do it again next year!