Friday, May 29, 2009

I POLO NY t-shirt

Yep we're making a shirt for the tournament. Here's the mock-up! Start saving your pennies kids 'cos you'll need one of these when the shirt you brought with you gets ripped to shreds on the court!
Also, check out updates to the tournament info over here:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bicycle Film Festival is our BFF!!

The Bicycle Film Festival takes New York from June 17th. If you're already planning to come for our I POLO NY tournament then get off work early and come check out the festival...

Monday, May 11, 2009

I POLO NY: Bike Polo Tournament!!

Some of you mentioned to Cecily and I at the last couple of tournies that a mid-summer polo round-up in New York would be simply delightful. So we're organizing for the weekend of Jun 20th and you can bring either delight or terror to NYC!! We're ready...

...All day Grudge Matches/Team Pick-Up on Saturday. Double elimination, battle to the bones, on Sunday. Come with a team, or don't. Maybe you'll get to play with them, maybe you won't. Everyone must bring a prize: make a disc wheel; write a polo anthem; bake cookies!!! Bonus points awarded for most creative prizes. Friday night BBQ, Saturday night Bicycle Film Fest Party. Get your crayons out kids!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Leon Love Fifo Too!

Leon from Seattle plays one of his less exciting games.

Gus: The Host With the Most


Survived Another Tournie!

Drew from Seattle Haggles

Polo is heart-wrenching!

Ryan from D.C can't hold it together in a hat from the Spring Collection. Cecily has one of my earlier hats and is determined to laugh it into the ground.

Yeah West Coast!

Nano and Amanda of Seattle have Fifo hats too! Drew is pretendin' to be a Londonna.

Fifo at the East Side polo Invite IV

Well I guess it was worth it spending most of last week sewing hats to bring to the ESPI in Boston this past weekend. The new Vinyl brims were a hit...I sold every one! Thanks to everyone who helped soften the blow of my polo defeats by buying a Fifo hat!