Friday, August 20, 2010

Portside NY in Red Hook

As a New yorker with limited means I'm always looking for free activities to inspire my work. The sea is a huge influence and living in Red Hook Brooklyn protects me from the hustle of the city.

On Pier 9B near the cruise terminal I found this old tanker that has been refurbished for a free summer program as part of Portside NY

Boats and bikes! Never too far apart...

And this rope...faded to my new favorite color...I could eat it!

This cat was special...very curious and happy to be on a boat. Took this photo with my old busted duct-taped Holga - it still works!

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Carolina Salguero said...

this is Chiclet, the ship's cat. Love the photo. It was hot this summer and I spent a lot of time being very flat as in your first picture.